Friday, September 21, 2012

Genericide Update: Return of Revenge of the Son of Genericide

            So you may have noticed that it’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. Like, a really long time. I last updated Genericide four weeks ago, almost a full month. It’s been the longest hiatus the site has endured since its inception. I can only imagine the type of chaos and mass panic the outside world has been enduring at my absence. To the people of the world I offer my apologies and a glimmer of hope for your previously grim futures. Inform your neighbors, your friends and family, your governments, shout the good word from the rooftops. Genericide has not stopped updating, the end is not nigh, my hiatus was not an early start to the Mayan Apocalypse! I know this has been a tragic and grueling time for you are, but a bright future lies ahead.

You have my official permission to pick up your shattered lives and begin society anew

            So now that that’s out of the way, my microscopic audience may be curious as to what I was actually doing during the month-long exile from the land of Internetblogupdating…opolis. Well the short is answer is I was in the far less exciting but sadly necessary land of College, though that doesn’t entirely explain it. I’ve had less free time lately but I’ve still had more than enough to write some content. College has not only reduced my amount of free time but has cut it into smaller chunks, meaning that overall I’ve been playing less video games (usually spending time on the internet instead) than I would if the same amount of free time were given to me over the summer.

Another problem is that the games I have played have been ridiculously diluted. I’ve played somewhere between, say, 8 and 12 games since starting college, but I’ve been constantly switching between them and haven’t logged more than a few hours on all but a couple of them. I think if I had stopped updating this blog now, future generations who searched the post-apocalyptic wasteland would locate the crumbling ruins of my dorm and uncover under the dust a still perfectly pristine and untouched copy of, say, Final Fantasy Tactics A2, with a post-it note on it declaring my intent to get around to it later. And don’t even get me started on my Steam library.

The final part of the problem is that I simply haven’t been able to muster up the enthusiasm to write an update. That is, until now, assuming this update wasn’t secretly written by an update-writing robot I invented who then altered my memory of the events and furtively self-destructed. I’m assuming that didn’t happen. I mean, I don’t see any scorch marks anywhere around here. Then again, I am awfully forgetful lately…

But wait, if a robot wrote this then why include this self-doubting part? Unless he knew I would make that dismissal and…that clever bastard.

            But ignoring the fact that I apparently am a savant at building robots and forming needlessly complicated plans for blog posts, Genericide is back! Anyway, we’re over 500 words in and I haven’t even told you what I’m updating with to celebrate my return. Well you’ll be glad to know the answer is…nothing!

You know, I’m getting the faintest of hints from your reactions that glad isn’t quite the right word.

            Yes, I’m afraid the situation I explained above hasn’t quite changed and I’m still not suddenly overflowing with excess free time. However, I’d be overflowing with excess guilt if I didn’t post an update. I just wanted to explain why you haven’t seen many updates lately and perhaps preview what will happen when I finally start updating again fo’ realizes. So the shrewd among you have probably realized that I’m essentially handing you an Update IOU and running for the hills, and are promptly organizing a mob. There’s no need for that, so stop. No seriously, put down the phone. I don’t care if Frank knows a really good place to get discount pitchforks and torches.

            So if you loyal viewers aren’t getting an update now, when on earth will you, I hear you cry! Not literally, because I don’t have cameras set up in all of your houses yet, but I metaphorically hear you viewers cry. Like, cry about the lack of updates, not just cry in general. Though I’m sure you’re doing that too. Because of the lack of updates. Anyway, if you guys will focus your short attention spans for just one second, I’ll answer your question: I don’t know.

I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that I might be bad at breaking news to you guys.

            But what I can assure you is that the breaks between updates will, at least for a while after this update, not be as long as the last one. Hopefully by a wide margin. Not very comforted by those vague assertions? I’d be insulted if I didn’t feel the same way. So I’ll also throw you the equivalent of scraps of content scraped off the bottom of the update pan, and mention what some of those updates you’ll be getting in the near future are.

            I’m probably going to do another entry in the Sphinx series soon, as I played a bit but only enough for like half an update. So I’ll someday soon play it again and post that when the full thing is done. Another thing to note is that I actually have been doing some writing in the last month, as I’m currently in a Creative Writing class. This has mostly consisted of small exercises but I just recently finished the rough draft for a short story that I see no reason not to throw up here before long instead of having to put in effort for an actual update out of the kindness of my heart. Finally, I have played enough of a couple games to write about them, so another round of Mini-Reviews will probably hit sometime soon. I’m not sure when any of these things will actually be posted, but rest assured you’re sure to get something within the next week. Probably. Unless you don’t.

            [Actually, how about I end this with some quick questions to you readers? Tell me which one of those pieces of content you want more of. In fact, feel free to tell me what types of content you like in general (er, again). In fact, you guys should just feel free to suggest topics within the realm of video games you’d be interested in me covering in the future. I’ll take them into account, and if I can’t cover them or don’t have much to say I’ll respond to your comment. Well, unless you ask something like “Why are you a huge scrotum?” I’ll probably ignore something like that. It’s a very sensitive issue with me.]

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