Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Genericide Holiday Special, Part 1

It was the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except for myself.
Well, and probably some bugs or something,
Like there might be spiders around in the basement maybe?
I guess there always are, in like…the walls and stuff.
Man, that’s gross to think about.

Wait, that’s way off meter,
Why am I even typing this
Shit do over DO OVER


Friday, November 22, 2013

An Unrestrained Ramble on the Inconvenience of Icicles

…this was probably a bad idea.

These were the thoughts of our stalwart hero, me, as I stared directly into a pit of razor-sharp, pointed icicle stalagmites (stalagmicicles, if you will). I was suspended upside down on a thin cord of rope, whose two ends were attached to opposing walls of a very tall, icy chamber. I could tell you immediately and promptly whether or not I made it across the deadly pit to the ledge that was sticking out of one side. In fact, if you stop munching on narrative tension long enough to take a refreshing sip of common sense, you can probably deduce the answer right now. But it would probably be more satisfying if I put off that impending tension for a bit while I dodder off back to how this all began, right? Shut up, it so would. So let’s go back in time a bit…

Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Unrestrained Ramble On the Unreliability of Doctors

It all started a single couple of few months ago.

I was hanging around in my room, relaxing after a recent bounty hunter job wherein I slew a horde of a thousand furious gargoyles. But enough about my boring personal life. The point is I was doing not much at all but hanging around, basking in the midday sunshine streaming in through my window. I was also thinking about how I would probably update my blog soon because I am clearly (but for a few rare exceptions), incredibly punctual and not at all lazy about these things.

It was at this point that I felt a strange sensation in my upper chest. As I wondered if my diet of snack food and chocolate might actually be causing what it logically should all the time, the sensation worked its way up my throat. There was a very brief pressure in my mouth and…


Friday, September 13, 2013

Rogue Legacy Review

Two months.

Two full months it’s been since I’ve delivered my irrelevant opinions to you via the medium of a winding online diatribe. It’s not been for lack of video game related happenings in my life, either. Things have kept happening. They never stop keep happening no matter how much I will them to do otherwise. It’s just that for whatever reason in the midst of all these happenings I haven’t acquired sufficient motivation to write about any of them. But now I have.

So while I will probably have an “explanation” for my absence before long as per my typical operating procedure, in the meantime let’s talk about Rogue Legacy.

You return to this title screen every time you die. So a lot. (Don’t worry, there’s a catch).

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some Top Songs from Games I’ve Never Played

What I’m actually doing with my free time and what I post about on the blog, even when I’m playing plenty of games, is not necessarily always related. A lot of games I play aren’t worth posting about on the blog, not because they’re bad but just because I don’t have much to say about them. Alternatively, I might have things to say about something but I was busy at the time while it still held my interest, or I have so much I could say that the task seems daunting, or perhaps I simply don’t have a ton of free time and/or manage it poorly. The point is, this blog tends to run on a VG Cats rate of updating of whenever the hell I feel like it, and a similar content system of whatever the hell I feel like writing about.

This is how, despite having tons of games I could be talking about, I ended up formulating another list article on oddly specific game music. I was downloading a video game track from a game I’d never actually played the other day, and whilst listening considered that this was actually something I did fairly often. I view a lot of stuff on the internet about video games, and thus find out a lot about games that I’ve never personally played. Sometimes games have particular note made of their soundtracks, of these a smaller portion I will actually one day look up on YouTube, and of these an even smaller portion I will choose to download for re-listening later, despite never having played the game in question.

Spoiler Alert: Sometimes there’s a good reason for that.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Unrestrained Ramble On The Slaying of Sand Beasts

“…well fuck, this will really screw up my updating schedule on the blog.”

This was one of the primary thoughts on my mind as I lay trapped in a steel container buried below the desert miles away from civilization, as I could feel the vibrations of a hundred hungry sand beasts burrowing towards my iron coffin. The other main musings on my mind concerned ways to escape a steel container buried in a desert of hungry sand beasts, the amount of oxygen a vaguely human shaped steel container contained, and related matters. I mean, granted, that wasn’t all that was going on up there. I was also considering whether or not I’d had left the lights on at home. In the back of my mind I was also remembering that one song, y’know, that one that goes “dah nah daah duh nah daah nuh, dah nah daah duh nah daah nuh, daah nuuh dah”, or something along those lines. And I think I was also absentmindedly noting how I kind of had to pee at the time and…

…I feel I’ve gotten off track somewhat. What was I talking about again?

Oh right, the desert! And the steel box. And the giant robot. No wait, that last one was a different time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I normally am against shorter updates to this blog, but today I’m going to make an exception. No not because I’m being lazy, because it’s the one-year anniversary of the blog being made! That’s completely different! Anyway, to celebrate this event, I’m going to briefly go over what I’ve actually managed to accomplish in that time, because I’m sure all of you love reading self-congratulatory statistics about a strangers writing accomplishments on the internet.

“…what? Oh…yeah. We’re, uh, all so interested in that. Please go on, we’re on the edge of our seats.”

Friday, May 17, 2013

On Old-School Difficulty in Games

Hero Man has had a difficult journey. His home village was burned down leaving no one but his plucky childhood love interest and himself left alive. He uncovered the ancient Sword of Stabbin’ Shit in a tomb filled with unruly undead. He recovered the Seven Seals of Seriously Significant Sorcery from all across the world. He’s performed hundreds of inane tasks in between, from rescuing kittens to killing rats to dealing with more fetch quests than any mortal man should ever have to see. He’s fought snakes and skeletons and sirens, demons and dragons and doppelgangers, Cyclops and cultists and centaurs, mummies and minotaurs and manticores and much much more. He’s been through hell and back, possibly literally, and is finally about to finish his epic quest. Atop of Mount Merciless, in the upper spire of the Castle of Catastrophe, our hero is finally about to put a stop to the evil sorcerer and save the entire world from his wrath, once and ffffffffffffffff-

-FFFUCK! I missed the jump again!

Depending on what type of game this is there are multiple possible outcomes as to what happens next. But if it’s an old-school game, I can sure as hell tell which outcome is most likely. And that’s that you won’t be getting to the conclusion of your quest without throwing at least half an hour of your life out the window. And if it’s me in this situation, then that half an hour won’t come until I muddle through a few minutes of muffled profanity, or alternatively just up and quit. Maybe I’ll come back, but maybe I won’t.

I don’t want to point any fingers, but the first half of this sentence is a bold-faced lie.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Genericide Update: Another Update about Updates

So it’s been a while since we’ve last laid eyes upon each other, internet. I thought about coming back from my over month-long absence in my…usual manner but upon reflection I realized that this would probably take a lot longer to write and would keep you waiting even longer, so in the interest of time I’ve decided to keep the update shorter for the present. I’ve been busy finishing up my most recent semester of college but celebrations are to be had because said semester is now over. I have a huge backlog of juicy, game-related updates to bring to all the good little girls and boys of the internet or failing that, I guess you guys. This combined with my new influx of free time should lead to a veritable flood of updates within the coming weeks and months.

…or at least, it will soon.

Now wait a second, I can explain, please put down the pitchforks…

Monday, April 1, 2013

Genericide Update: My True Calling

Hello again, faithful viewer(s)! You’re probably expecting me to do the same thing I always do and start this update apologizing for how long it’s been since I’ve updated. But I’m going to do things a little different this time. For you see, I have good news for all of you. Soon, I think I’ll be updating the blog much more often than I have been. There’s a good reason for this, which is as follows:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Unrestrained Ramble on the Forging of Words

Well well well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? As is becoming an embarrassing trend with this blog, I seem to have gone a fair period of time without updating it. I’m sure my readers would be very disappointed in my long absence were it not for the fact that I talk to all of them like every other day. My hefty hiatus has been horribly heinous, but fear not, more content is on its way. But beyond that, my good reader, I must say I had a really good and not at all fictitious reason for not updating, which I will now describe to you in excruciating detail.

Our story begins several days after my last update about impressive organs. It was a dull, average afternoon of me practicing my chainsaw juggling routine. I was right in the middle of doing the tricky bit with the behind-the-back on-a-unicycle portion when suddenly I stopped, causing only minor property damage in the process. For you see, my Blog Sense was going off like something that was going off with an unprecedented amount of vigor! Focusing my Hyper Sensitive Blog Alignment Temporal Determinant Sensor know to some as “knowing about the passage of time”, I realized that it had been too many days without updates for the world to handle without resorting to cannibalism or whatever it is you people do when you go too long without hearing a random individual make jokes about butts in between talking about decades old video games.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Top Video Game Songs with Organs in Them

            So the other day I was thinking of a video game song in my head (because this is the sort of thing I do often) and accidentally confused it with another video game song, because both of them involved organs. Spurred by this thought, I tried to think up all the video game songs I could involving organs and came up with a surprisingly high tally. Deciding that there are far stupider inspirations for articles out there (which I will assuredly act upon later) I decided to compose a list of some top video game songs with organs in them.

Pictured: Sufficient inspiration for an article, apparently.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Paper on Environmentalism

Earlier today I was struggling with an assignment for an unnamed class in which I had to identify a problem related to the class being green and offer a solution. I was not fond of the assignment, so I did something I've done once or twice before to amuse myself: I wrote out a fake, comedic version of the essay. Normally I only write these for my own amusement, but upon showing it to a friend they said I should post it on the blog. Given that school and my own laziness is keeping this blog as empty as usual lately, I figured why the hell not. So here, presented for your amusement, is some unedited, off-the-cuff madness from a bored and frustrated paper writer:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Review

            This week on Genericide, I review a game that isn’t over a decade old! AHAHAHA! I had you going for a second there. Seriously though, today I’m reviewing an old Game Boy Advance game you quite possibly have never played or care about. Because what do I look like, some kind of normal person who lives in the present?

All of the cool kids are stuck decades in the past, man. That and people with malfunctioning time machines.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Review

            So over my holiday I’ve been submerged in a sea of older games, even with enticing new titles vying for my attention, mostly from the holiday steam sale. If this seems silly, it’s only because it is, but I can’t say I haven’t been enjoying myself revisiting past titles. One such title is one I already owned but lost track of, so I bought it for five bucks during a sale and became instantly obsessed with it again. That game will be obvious to anyone who read the top of the page. That’s right; I’ve been playing a considerable amount of Bill Hatcher and the Giant Egg Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

            Sonic Adventure 2 was released for the ultimately doomed Sega Dreamcast console in 2001, but due to the whole doom thing it was later re-released with extra content on the Nintendo Gamecube less than a year later. This was the version my smaller self owned in the somewhat distant past, and I quite liked it at the time. I’m happy to report that the game holds up in my eyes today, but it’s still not without its problems.

The right image is the copy I remember from my childhood. The left image is the copy people with poor purchasing luck remember.