Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I normally am against shorter updates to this blog, but today I’m going to make an exception. No not because I’m being lazy, because it’s the one-year anniversary of the blog being made! That’s completely different! Anyway, to celebrate this event, I’m going to briefly go over what I’ve actually managed to accomplish in that time, because I’m sure all of you love reading self-congratulatory statistics about a strangers writing accomplishments on the internet.

“…what? Oh…yeah. We’re, uh, all so interested in that. Please go on, we’re on the edge of our seats.”

Since I started this blog I created 38 articles, not counting this one. A far cry from the one article a week I (very) vaguely claimed I was aiming for, but oh well. On the upside, those articles are generally pretty meaty. From those 38 articles I collected some data, though it became slightly skewed when I couldn’t find the 38th. My archive of word documents is scattered and interspersed with a number of incomplete/failed articles, so you’ll have to forgive me there. So from the, uh…37 articles we have the following facts:

I have posted 272 pictures total, which averages around slightly over 7 images per article. Considering that some of my updates have had absolutely no images at all, that’s a fair amount of images, especially considering they’re all shamelessly ripped from Google. These images also all have caption jokes. Since my Paper Mario: Sticker Star review last December I’ve also started putting mouse-over text in the images, so that’s been in a total of 7 articles (it would be 9 but 2 since then have been text only).

I have posted 84 videos in my posts total, and I think 81 of them have been embedded as opposed to linked. 61 of those videos were video game music, which you may have noticed by now I have a bit of a fondness for. The other 23 videos were mostly to accompany my top list articles.

There have been about 10 updates that started with me making jokes about how rarely I update, though if I dug deeper into the articles I’d probably find more. I didn’t count how many times I indulge in self-deprecation because it’d be too common to count, and I didn’t count how many times I make jokes about me making jokes about not updating because it would probably cause some sort of meta singularity. I’ve made references to Penny Arcade 3 times.

The blog itself has about 6,000 views, which seems like a lot but it’s the internet, I’ve produced a lot of content and most of them are just breezing through Google. This is exemplified by the fact that there are only 22 comments on my 38 articles, only one of which was from a person I didn’t know and 19 of which were from either myself or my friend Zach. It’s okay internet, I still love you (platonically and only sometimes), and I realize that most of the people who read this are my friends who talk to me about things outside the comments. Though I certainly wouldn’t be upset if you commented a bit more…

Out of the articles I’ve written, the breakdown is as follows: 12 game reviews, which reviewed a total of 14 games due to that one mini-review article. 3 top list articles, which are generally some of my longest and have 45 individual entries between them. 4 articles that start with the title ‘Genericide Update’, all of which I think apologize for a lack of updates, and 1 of which contains steamy beetle-based fan fiction. 5 articles on various things about game design; 7 Sphinx Let’s Play articles (all of which make a joke about Horus being bad at puzzles); and finally 7 other miscellaneous articles. These consist of 1 introductory post, 1 awkward e3 news post, 1 post listing all the games I had ever owned at the time, 2 posts that came out of my school work, and 2 insane transcendental ramblings of a madman.

This brings us to our final set of statistics. Out of the 37 articles I could find on my computer, I counted a total of 88,111 words. This averages out to over 2,300 words per article. The smallest of these was ‘A Paper on Environmentalism’ with 784 words, and the largest of these was ‘Some Top Video Game Lasers’ with 6,128 words.

That is…quite a lot of stuff. I’ll admit that I’m the first one to blame myself for not updating this blog enough, and I still think I could be updating more often or at least more consistently. But at the same time I’m mildly impressed that I’ve been able to get that much information down, especially considering it was all thought out and mostly, I’d like to think, of at least passably amusing quality.

So that’s it for the first year of Genericide. It’s been an entertaining experience and though it has been a fair amount of work and I’ve been rather bad about keeping it up here and there I’d still say it’s been overall interesting and enjoyable. And so you’ll definitely keep hearing from me. So without much left to say, it’s been a pretty good year overall and I hope the next will be even better!

“…huh? Oh, you’re done? Right, right, I was listening the whole time. Hooray for, uh, whatever you were talking about.”

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