Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Genericide’s New Direction

We here at Genericide have been enthusiastic to bring you the best in gaming content the past few years. Today, we want to announce to you a bold new direction Genericide is embarking in to improve the site like you could never imagine. As of today, Genericide is shifting focus to be a better service of quality games content than ever before! We want to be your one-stop shop for all things video games, and are bringing the quality content to back it up!

Our team has been working round the clock on this new wave of streamlined content designed specifically for you. These changes will allow not only maintain that classic Genericide quality our viewers are used to experiencing, but a ton more epic news, columns and entertainment pieces than ever before! We’re so dedicated to this content push that our team has prepared a whole 10 new articles available for you right now! So kick back, relax, and enjoy the all-new, awesome content display we have here at Genericide Entertainment! Don’t forget to share these great new posts on social media!

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[This page is a work of parody]

These Classic Gaming Characters are So High Right Now

We all have those times when we need to relax, kick back and smoke some drugs. But video game characters are not supposed to smoke the drugs! That would be totally crazy and random, right? But it turns out they do smoke the drugs, which is what these images are about!

Eric Todd is Departing from Genericide Entertainment

Genericide Entertainment is sad to announce today that will be losing one of our staff members, Eric Todd. You may remember Eric Todd as the founder of this site back in its original incarnation as Genericide, although probably not because this is actually the first time he’s mentioned his name on the blog. We here at Genericide Entertainment admire his legacy and the groundwork he set out for us, but due to creative differences and internal problems he regrettably had to part ways with the rest of the staff. In an interview on his last day of work, Eric was quoted as saying “What is even going on today?! How and why are you people taking over my personal blog? It’s not even that popular, each post gets two-dozen views that are like one hundred percent google searches, why me?!” Truly prolific words for us to remember him by.

However, Eric’s passing does not at all change the mission statement of this site. We will continue to provide awesome gaming content of all kinds for your 24/7, and none of it written by lame long-winded people! We look forward to your continued support.

Hey, did Eric’s tragic passing get you in a mood to laugh at silly cats? Try taking a look at 9 Cats That Don’t Give a Fuck, And Also Video Games Are Involved Somehow. Feeling more like you want to read something boring and socially responsible? Then you should try reading Why Femi-nazis and Tumblr are Ruining Gaming.

If you like our stuff at Genericide Entertainment, be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Reddit, Google+, Instagram, Myspace, DeviantArt and AOL Instant Messaging.

[This page is a work of parody]

9 Cats That Don’t Give a Fuck, And Also Video Games Are Involved Somehow

Everybody loves cats, and everybody loves video games. The logical thing for us to do was combine the two! The cats don’t seem all that interested though, but that just makes them all the funnier!

This cat would please like you to leave him alone so he can keep playing handheld games. Hilarious! #SoFunny #OMGKitty #MeowtendoDS 

Why Femi-nazis and Tumblr are Ruining Gaming

We all love gaming here at Genericide Entertainment, and I’m sure you readers do to. I mean gaming is like the digital equivalent of home-made pie and newborn puppies, and you love those things, don’t you? Of course you do! We all love video games, and we’ve loved video games a long time, which is why it surprises me that some of us are willing to let video games just roll over and die.

That’s right, the death of video games is upon us. And it’s not from big publishers or the market crashing again or the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game. No, what’s causing the death of video games is feminists.

6 Mind-Blowingly Epic Fails Popular Games Today Make

Games have come a long way from the original Nintendo where everything started. They’ve added stunningly realistic gameplay and graphics, but have they lost something along the way? They definitely have, and I’ll tell you what it is we’re willing to trade for pretty visuals.

Are Gamers Overwhelmingly Ignorant Sexists?

The video games industry has a lot to answer for. In addition to perpetuating all sorts of horrible practices in regards to violence and other offensive material, it’s particularly bad about sexism. You’re probably nodding your head at this point, thinking of all the times you’ve seen a video game portray female characters in a negative light. That’s a good point, you think, it’s a good thing you’re not part of the problem. Well guess what, asshole? You are DEAD WRONG.

First Mushrooms, Now This? 7 More Blazed Game Characters

After our last crazy drugfest with our video game buddies, we looked around and found even more! So here are 7 more gaming heroes who can’t resist stopping their world saving quests to take a toke!

The Seedy Underbelly of the Mushroom Kingdom You Never Noticed

We all like video games, but there’s some surprises lying below the surface of these games. The classic world of Super Mario Bros is one of the most beloved video game universes of all time, but there are some really dark implications you’ve never considered behind it. I’m gonna give you the scoop, and inform you of some of this seedy underbelly neither you or anyone else has ever thought about before...

6 Tricks That Fool You into Thinking Consoles are Better than PC

There’s an age old debate that rages throughout video gaming history, since the dawn of time, and boy is it a stupid one. For years people have debated whether video game consoles are superior to personal computers, as though that was actually an argument you could have. These sheeple refuse to realize the evidence that’s right in front of their noses. PC has always been the better choice over consoles, and the only reason some think otherwise is because some of the glorious PC gaming master race are polite enough to humor them. But if you give them an inch they take a mile, and so for years the less intelligent among gamers have been duped by simple tricks that console manufacturers are using to pull the wool over their eyes. I’m going to set the record straight and reveal some of those so you can all just admit you’re wrong already.

Is Games Journalism Losing Its Integrity?

Video games are a medium we all love here at Genericide Entertainment, as I’m sure you do too. But dear readers, there is a troubling trend that can be seen lately in the games industry. People reporting on games took a while to hit their stride, and it seems their juvenile beginnings are showing once again. There are cries all across the industry of game reviewers not reviewing games properly or even getting paid off for giving their reviews a certain score. Genericide Entertainment does its best to be the moral watchdogs of the gaming community, and will assuredly cover absolutely any rumors of corruption in games as soon as it hits, repeatedly over and over until a verdict is reached. But we worry that even our guiding presence won’t be enough.

Even fantastic games, like The Last of Us, don’t seem to get 100s on Metacritic. Highly suspicious.