Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eric Todd is Departing from Genericide Entertainment

Genericide Entertainment is sad to announce today that will be losing one of our staff members, Eric Todd. You may remember Eric Todd as the founder of this site back in its original incarnation as Genericide, although probably not because this is actually the first time he’s mentioned his name on the blog. We here at Genericide Entertainment admire his legacy and the groundwork he set out for us, but due to creative differences and internal problems he regrettably had to part ways with the rest of the staff. In an interview on his last day of work, Eric was quoted as saying “What is even going on today?! How and why are you people taking over my personal blog? It’s not even that popular, each post gets two-dozen views that are like one hundred percent google searches, why me?!” Truly prolific words for us to remember him by.

However, Eric’s passing does not at all change the mission statement of this site. We will continue to provide awesome gaming content of all kinds for your 24/7, and none of it written by lame long-winded people! We look forward to your continued support.

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[This page is a work of parody]

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