Wednesday, April 1, 2015

These Classic Gaming Characters are So High Right Now

We all have those times when we need to relax, kick back and smoke some drugs. But video game characters are not supposed to smoke the drugs! That would be totally crazy and random, right? But it turns out they do smoke the drugs, which is what these images are about!

Figures that the green Mario Brother would know a thing or two about lighting it up! #GreenIsGood #TotallyTripping #BigNoseBigSmoke

Not to be outdone, Mario smoked so much that he’s seeing stars! He’s all like “Duuuude, check out those stars and stuff, mama mia!” Hahaha, high people are funny. #StarsDude #HighPeopleAreFunny #MarioSoHigh

Sonic knows what’s up! (What’s up is marijuana, and the fact that he is going to smoke some, in addition to the marijuana he has already clearly smoked because he is high). #GottaGoSmoke #GreenBlur #SonicTheWeedhog

Kirby must have gotten hold of the same stuff as Mario, because he’s also seeing stars! I bet he absorbed the powers of a blunt, because he’s totally tripping out! #WeedStar #KirbySuperStoned #IgnoreLittleMac

Sitting back and having a toke is the only way Pikachu can deal with fighting. DAE think that Pokemon is actually animal abuse?!?! #GottaSmokeEmAll #MichealVick #TopicalJokes

Looks like Zelda is seeing some crazy shit right now! I guess they start toking pretty young over in Elf Land! #ElfWorldProblems #VideoGamesBlazed #FourHundredAndTwentyWeedIt

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