Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why Femi-nazis and Tumblr are Ruining Gaming

We all love gaming here at Genericide Entertainment, and I’m sure you readers do to. I mean gaming is like the digital equivalent of home-made pie and newborn puppies, and you love those things, don’t you? Of course you do! We all love video games, and we’ve loved video games a long time, which is why it surprises me that some of us are willing to let video games just roll over and die.

That’s right, the death of video games is upon us. And it’s not from big publishers or the market crashing again or the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game. No, what’s causing the death of video games is feminists.
Feminazis want to shut this down because they’re brainwashing you to think sex appeal and sexism are the same thing.

Now I would never imply that girls can’t play games or talk about them, but this recent wave of feminazi game reporting is slowly killing games we love. You know what I’m talking about. The recent wave of Tumblr outcry, with whiny SJWs decrying everything gaming ever stood for as the freaking devil. Well we can’t stand for this misogynist-crying, sex-appeal-shaming bullshit any longer!

SJWs would have you believe that games are sexist just because of fanservice, hurting the appeal of strong female characters like Metroid: Other M’s portrayal of Samus.

Video games are about fun, not politics. If I want to enjoy a game involving ladies with sex appeal, these hordes of SJW harpies should let me! It’s harmless cheesecake and catharsis, and running to the comments and harassing innocent gamers about “inequality” and “progressive social movements” is just bringing everyone down! Besides, if anything these frigid female virgins should be thanking us, because if they’d pull their heads out of their asses long enough to do any sort of research, they’d know that sex appeal is a form of empowerment!

Bayonetta uses her sex appeal intentionally and there’s nothing wrong with that, and therefore all other video game sex appeal.

How are we supposed to enjoy games when we’re always feeling guilty? We didn’t ask for games to become this big damn vehicle for social change. If we bow to these insane Tumblr activists then we’ll be sacrificing fun, and by extension everything that makes any game good! So when you see one of these shrieking girls or male apologists spitting their brainwashed bullshit on sexism, don’t give them an inch. It’s a slippery slope, and the slightest bit of compromise or attempt to understand them will inevitably lead to the death of all video games.

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[This page is a work of parody]


  1. i know this is a parody, but if this was serious, would it be ironic using Other M when it was anti-feminist with stuff like Adam Malkovich ordering a lovestrucked Samus around and Samus suddenly getting PTSD with a GF-cloned Ridley?

    i mean, fucking Dobson LOVED Other M and bashes Metroid Prime despite being a feminist and SJW himself.

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