Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are Gamers Overwhelmingly Ignorant Sexists?

The video games industry has a lot to answer for. In addition to perpetuating all sorts of horrible practices in regards to violence and other offensive material, it’s particularly bad about sexism. You’re probably nodding your head at this point, thinking of all the times you’ve seen a video game portray female characters in a negative light. That’s a good point, you think, it’s a good thing you’re not part of the problem. Well guess what, asshole? You are DEAD WRONG.

I bet you find this appealing, don’t you? The thought that anyone could enjoy this sickens me.

Every single one of you gamers out there is part of the problem, whether you admit it or not. We live in an age where women are objectified constantly, reaching down into the very subconscious of games media. You don’t think girls can be gamers, you don’t want to have to give up your childish and irresponsible sex objects, and these thoughts are buried deep in your head whether your realize it or not! The collective subconscious of gamer culture is so deeply ingrained you could even be advocating for more positive portrayals of women in games and still be a sexist, completely unaware of how awful and misogynistic you are!

The second Samus got out of her power suit, she lost all credibility as a powerful female character.

Let’s get one thing straight: Sex appeal is never empowering. Some women have been brainwashed into thinking that females can be empowered by shaking their asses about like strippers. They think that if they choose to jiggle their genitals for all to see that it can be something that does anything but set female rights back hundreds of years. The truth these delusional people are trying to deny is that female sex appeal, no matter how benign it may seem, all ties back into the overarching patriarchy that envelops every part of our society without exception. And no matter how reluctant we are to admit it, we risk ruining not just all of games but all of society with even implicit acceptance of this system.

You all know what this is for, but some of you have the audacity to call it empowerment, and that’s disgusting.

So go ahead and continue to live your life in denial. But the fact remains, you’re a horrible person and unless you completely accept it, you’ll always be one. If you like games as they are? You’re a sexist. If you enjoy sex appeal? You’re a sexist. If you don’t take active participation towards removing all patriarchal overtones, however slight, from games? Guess what, you’re a sexist. If you can’t all just agree with this and help cease the horrific, animalistic behavior that all gamers without exception perform or allow, then you are literally killing gaming, and female rights to boot.

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