Friday, July 22, 2016

Genericide Update: Flawlessly Executed Yeti Surgery

So here we are, back to the comparatively insubstantial wisps of update posts. After three solid weeks of content, this was pretty much inevitable. Some of you may retort by pointing out there were four solid weeks of update posts before that, but as the words leave your mouth I’ve already dived out the window and left the attack helicopter to cover my escape. By the time you’ve alternated between taking cover behind chest high walls and firing the conveniently located RPG into the cockpit, I’ll be lounging on a scenic beachfront far from any consequences. It is at this point I will remember that my blog is entirely digital, making it impossible to flee from by moving to a different physical location. Also, I am like 90% sure I don’t own an attack helicopter.


Given this, I suppose I’ll acquiesce and grace you groveling peasants of the world wide web with some tantalizing hints of upcoming attractions. Awwww yeah, that’s right. Some random twenty-something with an internet blog about video games is tempting you with promises of explanations of written content to actually appear at a later date.

Get hype.

I’ve got a new Oblivion post in the works to go up probably-next-week-unless-something-goes-wrong-which-is-substantially-possible-but-I-didn’t-want-to-haggle-over-the-definition-of-the-word-probably. Though the temporal location we’re zeroing in on is vague, I assure you it won’t be long, while at the same time being completely non-committal on concrete details. This way none of you notice that I’ve told you basically nothing! Once again, my operations are smoother than a flawlessly executed yeti surgery.

After the next Oblivipost, a real word I have in no way fabricated on the spot, realistically speaking we’re looking at another update break. But after that I already have a game review in mind. It’ll likely be a multi-parter, but I won’t get into too much detail on it yet. Let’s just say that it’s gonna be a real Super review. I admit my ideas for it so far are Paper thin, but just trust me on this one. Mario. Sorry, don’t know where that came from.

Alas, loyal subjects, as much as it pains me, our time this week is at end. Wait, no I had that backwards. It’s going to pain you. I’ll be fine, because I am great, and also likely gonna go play some video games and eat ice cream. So that’ll be a pretty sweet experience for me, all things considered.

...why are you still here? Don’t make me get the imaginary attack helicopter again.

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