Friday, March 3, 2017

Genericide Update: Chateau de Frog Vomit

Summary: Oblivion post next week.

Being sick sucks. Obvious, but true. Especially if you’re like me, and never seem to do it halfway. I’m either poppin mad hangtime with my crew in total envy of my rad bad attitude, or I’m…wait, hold on a minute. Wrong homonym.

Being sick sucks. Obvious, but true. Especially if you’re like me, and never seem to do it halfway. I’m either so pure surgeons use my spit as a disinfectant or my body is holding together like a realistically portrayed zombie and my mental state is plummeting down a garbage chute into the bile ducts of a demonic toad.  The only upside to illness is it gives you a convenient excuse for not writing blog articles.

As you’ve probably gathered, this week I took another holiday in Chateau de Frog Vomit. That’s the metaphorical kind of holiday, mind you. The only day I took off work was yesterday, since one of the many “benefits” of being an adult is life not accommodating for illness. That day off was spent one half unconscious and the other half-conscious, book-ended by two full nights of sleep. If there’s one thing I hate as much as being fully disabled, its being disabled juuuuust enough that I can’t do anything worthwhile with my time.

Whining aside, it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had worse. As I said, I don’t tend to do sickness halfway. This is actually more a point in favor of my immune system than against. I only get sick once every couple years on average. But it seems to follow that the only stuff that gets through is enough to completely incapacitate me for at least a day. It’s as though the archers on my parapets are seasoned veterans of war, but their very expertise makes the infantry in my courtyard inexperienced. I should really consider sending them on some field missions, or perhaps organizing some type of training excerciWHY YES I DO THINK OF EVERYTHING LIKE A VIDEO GAME THANK YOU FOR ASKING.

And speaking of video games, Breath of the Wild! It’s out. I’ll be playing it. A lot. In fact, you might ask why I’m not playing it right now! An excellent question. Unfortunately, I was planning on downloading the game. But to my knowledge, Nintendo never offered any sort of preloading on it for some reason, at least not during my sporadic checks whilst ill. That same illness kept me from thinking through plans too thoroughly. So by the time I was done with work today I found that every store near me had sold out of the game. Now I have to wait for my ponderous internet speeds to chug through a download and will be lucky if I can play the game sometime tomorrow.

In other words, it’s been a lame week! I had hoped to get some content up here on the blog before Zelda consumed my life, but it looks like that aint happening. But I feel guilty about the absence of content*, so I’ll make you a promise**. I promise that next week, I will post the next Oblivion article. I originally stated that would come after an MMO article, but for various reasons Oblivion has been easier to write and is closer to being finished. And now that I’ve told you that relevant tidbit of information, you readers have no more reason to sit through my self-indulgent flimflam about personal problems. Little do you know that I already summarized that at the beginning of the article! Ha! In your face readers! You sat through that self-indulgent flimflam for NOTHING!

*Quality content
**An Official Genericide Brand Promise!(tm) Guaranteed*** to always come true!
***Guaranteed as in totally not going to happen****.
****Okay maybe it will happen, actually. Seems pretty likely***** in this case.
*****Look just check back next week, okay?!

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