Friday, June 24, 2016

Genericide Update: Connect Four, I Won!

I know I know, believe me I know. The first Child of Light post is almost done, at about 4k words. I could scramble to post it now if I rushed through the editing process. However, the whole point of these update posts is so that I can keep myself in practice while also giving articles proper care and attention. Giving myself time now will make a better product later, as well as more time to build up a buffer for subsequent weeks. Please don’t quote me on that in the likely scenario that I fail to deliver a couple weeks in the future. Uh, don’t quote that following line either. Y’know what, it’s probably for the best that you instantly forget any words from my mouth as soon as they pass through your skulls.

Sadly, I’m left with little to fill space with in the meantime. I suppose this is the obvious outcome, because if I had time to do things I wouldn’t have a full month of nothing but update posts. I did manage to finally beat an old Professor Layton game this week, as train time comprises much of my gaming lately. It’s likely that one day I’ll write an article on the Professor Layton series, but they don’t have enough going on individually to write one for each of the six games. They’re fun in a different way from most games, but I also find them kind of disposable beyond some memorable plot points. So look forward to hearing me reiterate those two sentences in three thousand words a couple years down the line when I finish the last game.

So yeah, that’s what’s up with me lately.

Um... you you guys wanna hang out?

I mean, yeah I guess not. I’m kinda busy too. That’s cool, whatever.


...look, I don’t need to justify myself to anyone here. Yeah this wasn’t much text to go on but I didn’t have much to say and there’s no reason to stretch that out. It’s not like people are feverishly keeping up with this blog anyway. If they really wanted more of it right this very second, they could just peruse the 300,000 bloody words that already exist on the site.

Oh, and don’t worry audience. I’m not getting all accusatory at you.

These words are directed at myself.

See ya next week.

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